How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay Instances
Dissertation Text

The Dissertation Text is a type of argumentative and opinionated text, since it exposes the opinion on a certain subject or theme, through a logical, coherent and cohesive argument. Structure of the Dissertation Text The structure of a dissertation text is based on three moments: Introduction: Also called “Thesis”, at that moment, the most important […]

Types of Texts

The types of texts are classified according to their structure, purpose and purpose. In general, the textual typology is divided into: narrative, descriptive, dissertative, expositive and injunctive text. Narrative text The fundamental mark of the Narrative Text is the existence of a plot, from which the actions of the characters, marked by time and space, […]

How to make good argumentative essay ?

The main tools to elaborate a good argumentative-essay text are: to master formal writing, the use of words that name ideas and concepts, the absence of temporality, the chain of ideas and the presence of argumentative markers. The purpose of the argumentative-dissertative text is to convince the recipient of the ideas presented by the author. […]