Dissertation Text

The Dissertation Text is a type of argumentative and opinionated text, since it exposes the opinion on a certain subject or theme, through a logical, coherent and cohesive argument.

Structure of the Dissertation Text

The structure of a dissertation text is based on three moments:

  • Introduction: Also called “Thesis”, at that moment, the most important is to expose the central idea on the topic in a clear way. It is important to remember that Introduction is the most important part of the text and should therefore contain the information that will be developed soon.
  • Development: Also called “Anti-Thesis” or “Antithesis”, in this part of the text the argumentation is developed through opinions, data, surveys, statistics, facts and examples on the subject, so that its thesis central idea) is defended with propriety.
  • Conclusion: The name itself already supposes that it is necessary to complete the text. In other words, we do not leave a text without concluding it and, therefore, this moment is called “New Thesis” because it is a moment of closure of ideas, and especially of the insertion of a new idea, that is, a “new thesis”.
  • Types of Dissertation
  • There are two types of dissertation: the Argumentative Dissertation and the Expositive Dissertation.

Argumentative Dissertation Text

In this modality, the intention is to persuade the reader, to convince him of his thesis (central idea) from coherent argumentation, examples, facts.

Expository Dissertation Text

It is the exposition of ideas, theories, concepts without necessarily trying to convince the reader.

Examples of Dissertation Text

Below are examples of excerpts from essay texts in both modalities, that is, argumentative and expository:

Argumentative Dissertation Text

In the XXI century it is salutary to reflect on the importance of preserving the environment as well as acting in favor of a more conscious and clean society. It has become clear that most of the problems we face today in the big cities were generated by human action.

In this way, we can think of the great constructions, based on the unbridled urbanization, or the simple act of throwing trash in the streets. The pollution generated and impregnated in the big cities was largely the result of unbridled urbanization or the performance of industries; but unfulfilled duties by men also provided all this “filth.” In this sense, it is worth remembering that small acts can produce great changes if carried out by all citizens.

So a very important piece of advice: instead of throwing away trash (be it bulletproof paper or a note on a phone) in the street, keep it in your pocket and shoot only when you find a bin. Be a conscious citizen! Do not throw garbage on the streets!

Expository Dissertation Text

The United Nations (UN) Reports on the management and development of water resources warn of the preservation and protection of the planet’s natural resources, especially water. Thus, the statistics point to a huge global crisis of water shortages from 2025 onwards, which will reach about 3 billion people, which can lead to various social and public health problems.

One of the biggest problems presented by the UN is the “water shortage” that already affects about 20 countries in the world, that is, 40% of the population of the planet. Studies have found that the planet’s fresh water is at risk given the climate change seen in recent decades.

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