How to make good argumentative essay ?

The main tools to elaborate a good argumentative-essay text are: to master formal writing, the use of words that name ideas and concepts, the absence of temporality, the chain of ideas and the presence of argumentative markers.

The purpose of the argumentative-dissertative text is to convince the recipient of the ideas presented by the author. So, the first step is to seek knowledge about the topic.

It should also be borne in mind that arguing is not informing, but convincing the reader by convincing, fact-based arguments. The argumentative argumentative text discusses ideas.

The construction of a good argumentative-essay text follows the following order of importance:

  • Grammar domain
  • Knowledge about the topic
  • Understanding of ideas on the subject
  • Exhibition of ideas
  • Ability to synthesize
  • Personal positioning
  • Developing the argument
  • For a scholarly work, with time, the means to seek information about the topic of the argumentative-dissertative text is the research in books, newspapers, magazines, internet, films and documentaries that deal with the subject.

If the survey on the subject is limited to the internet, it is advisable to seek official sources, university libraries, research institutions and pages of government, state or municipalities.

In addition to reading about research that deals with the subject, it is advisable to use documentaries and films whenever there is availability to expand the range of arguments.

Elaboration of the Road Map

In school, competition or ENEM (National Examination of High School) the best way to develop the argument is to separate into topics everything that is known about the subject and leave to the end their own opinion. It is a structure of the text.


The structure of the essay-argumentative text consists of: introduction, development and conclusion.


In the introduction the subject is presented, it indicates the general situation on the subject and explained the reason of its pertinence.


In the development it is necessary to do the review of research on the subject and the arguments are presented for and against. At this point, the thesis is based and, for that, the argumentative operators are used.

Argumentative Operators

Argumentative operators are words that offer the chain of statements. They have the function of introducing various types of statements and guide the receiver to certain conclusions about the subject. They are responsible for the cohesion of the text.

Understand how argumentative operators work in the text:

  • They exemplify the argument
  • Reinforce the argument
  • Make comparisons with the basis of the argument
  • They graduate the argument by using another argument
  • They reaffirm the argument
  • They rectify the argument
  • They present an opposite argument

Strategy to develop the argument:

  • Enumerate
  • Confront
  • To exemplify
  • Indicate the causes
  • Indicate the effects
  • Indicate the reasons
  • State the consequences
  • Strategies in the development of texts:

Examples of words that name ideas: work, duty, right, capacity, solidarity, retribution, satisfaction, respect.

Chaining ideas

The chaining of ideas occurs in the logical relations existing between the segments that make up the statements relating by cause, consequence, opposition, conclusion and others.


The proper use of the connectives (conjunctions) is of fundamental importance for the good development of the argumentative-essay text. The connectives bind the terms of sentences and do not develop syntactic functions.

This instrument allows the reader to have notions about the subject and if they are used improperly they can give an idea contrary to the objective of the one who writes.


In this phase the reader will know explicitly the author’s thinking. The conclusion should contain the facts indicated in the text and point out a solution or intervention proposal for the problems pointed out in the argument.


A good argumentative-essay text refers to generic, abstract concepts and, therefore, displays large numbers of abstract nouns.
It is important to remember the absence of temporality. There is no progression of events in time. Predominate the verbs in the present indicative with a timeless value.

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